The Washington Township Volunteer Fire Co. is a 100 % volunteer organization. No member of the fire company receives any monetary compensation for providing fire protection services to the residents of Washington Township.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Company is to prevent the outbreak of fires in the community and to save, rescue and protect the lives and property of the citizens of Washington Township from injury and destruction by fire or other emergencies, and to provide similar services to other communities, when requested, in the form of mutual aid assistance.

Hundreds of man hours can be spent at just one fire scene.

Executive Officers

  • President – Richard Lane
  • Vice President – David Glahn
  • Recording Secretary – Alyssa Weaver
  • Financial Secretary – Robert Smith
Labor Day 2022, Our Financial Secretary – Robert Smith throwing candy to the crowd.

Fire Officers

  • Chief (3851)- Tighe Lane
  • 1st. Asst. Chief (3852)- Cody Lane
  • 2nd. Asst. Chief (3853)- George Abt